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Default Taco Bell Gets Last Word In Shakedown Lawsuit

notbob wrote:

Howzabout Taco Bell apologizing to its customers for foisting off the
same lame five ingredients they've been pushing for the last 40 yrs,
now at ludicrous prices, or to small businessmen for their predetory
business practice of overselling their franchises, so as to all but
ensure failure.

Yeah, that's gonna happen.

I got some Taco Bell "volcano" tacos and a "volcano" burrito last week. I
liked them a lot, to the point where I sought out their "bold & creamy
chipotle sauce" at my local Safeway, and I've been putting it on a variety
of foodstuffs in the last few days. I don't feel that Taco Bell owes me any
kind of apology.