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Default Taco Bell Gets Last Word In Shakedown Lawsuit

On 2011-05-29, J. Clarke wrote:

beef. Tells us a good deal about what's wrong with the legal profession
in the US that the firm filing suit didn't first determine whether that
was in fact the case.

The whole legal profession has lost its mind. There are now what are
called copyright trolls, companies that are simply filing threatening
lawsuits over copyright infringements on behalf of the companies that
know little or nothing about them. These intimidation suits, one's
the plaintiff is likely to settle out of court to avoid further fees,
have become an industry unto itself. One judge jes threw out a whole
slew of them cuz the legal company filing the suits did not hold any
legal right to the copyrights. That company is refiling in a
different district.

Too many lawyers being pumped out on the street and not enough cases,
so they're inventing them. Worse, the lawyers all move to places like
CA where they think they'll get rich and live in grand style. So,
there's a surplus of lawyers in CA while N Dakota goes a beggin'.