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Default 101 Best Restaurants in America

Sitara wrote (I added crossposting to

I've only eaten at a very few. I wish I were filthy rich, I'd spend a
couple of years traveling around and sample all of them.

I've eaten at nine of them, and of that nine, I don't think two really
belong on such an exclusive list. (Michael Mina and The Slanted Door failed
to live up to the hype, IMO.) I'd also rank Chez Panisse a lot lower than it
is; I think both JoŽl Robuchon and Restaurant August were better than Chez

Twelve of the 101 restaurants are on my "want to try" list, but the occasion
has to be right. (I can't find enough adventurous eaters to make the trip to
Incanto, for example. If I could get nine people together for the "Whole
Beast" dinner I'd be there in a heartbeat.)

I've got the Zuni Cafe cookbook, and although it's good, I'm surprised to
see the restaurant so highly rated. I didn't think it was *that* good,
comparing the techniques in their cookbook to the techniques in the French
Laundry cookbook.