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Default Great ideas from Australia

Went to the Cafe Biz trade show in Sydney, Australia on the weekend and saw
a great new idea to help reduce bag theft and get bags off the ground and
off tables. As a female I am sick of having to put my expensive bag on the
ground and wrap my leg around the strap so it can't get stolen . You may say
I could not take a bag - but yes, I am a woman and we do need life's
essentials now and again. That being said there's no reason guys couldn't
hang their man bag on it if they're so inclined. Anyways, this gadget is
easily screwed under tables by restaurant/cafe owners and they give them
cards for the tops of tables so people know it's there. I reckon it's a
great idea and wish I'd thought of it - they've got a patent pending so
guess I've missed out on that one. If you're interested in these doodads
(they're AUS$7.00 each) you can contact them on They
said they can send people info but they are still getting their website up.

The other great idea I saw was The Red Wedge.....a wedge for restaurant
/cafe owners to put under the legs of their wobbly tables. It's red and
pretty funky...their website is

Check them out - just wanted to share these great ideas with you.