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Default Butter on green beans?

i think detecting and quenching thirst is a really important part of any
deitary regime, and it is so often overlooked. I have the added issue of
hating the taste of most water... we just bought a britta water pitcher that
seems to be helping somewhat.

"W. Baker" wrote in message
Storrmmee wrote:
: one of my weight issues is detecting hunger vs thirst, i can forget to
: until i have the shakes, and i used to rarely eat for hunger jus taste,
: figured this out one day tasting veggies for a soup... i think this is
: the asparagus thing, and some other veggies, genetics must play a part,

: Lee

When my boys were growing up and would com ehome ready to drinks all the
juice nand milk in the house as well asclean the refrigerator with their
mouths( explained long ago in a pst), I would have them first drink a big
glass of water and then start snacking. this often reduces, not only the
manout of juice, etc they drank, but lso the food.

I find, fo rme, that when I am looking for a snack, a aglass of water
often helps me not take it. I often forget to drink between meals so can
get thirsty without realizing it.