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Default I made lemon bars

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Nancy Young wrote:
gloria.p wrote:
On 3/27/2011 4:36 PM, Nancy Young wrote:
I've never had a lemon bar, but whenever I've seen a picture
of them they look *really* good. USA Today magazine had a
recipe so I went for it. Really easy and boy, they're as delicious
as I thought they would be.

Not being a baker, the recipe looked pretty foolproof for me, and
there was a video to really seal the deal.


I saw that recipe and cut out the page. It did sound good.

When I was a kid the bakery made lemon squares with a flaky, delicate
top and bottom crust and a filling like lemon meringue pie.
They were delicious and I don't remember them being as sweet
as lemon bars.

The lemon layer calls for 3/4 cup of sugar, I wonder if the amount
could be reduced with no bad effects.

If you are using Meyer lemons - definitely cut the sugar down. I tend to
use the same measures, but visibly scant the filling. And if it's
something like "1 cup plus one tablespoon" I don't add the TBS.

I love lemon bars!