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Default MAY 21, 2011: JUDGMENT DAY!!!!!!!!

On Mon, 28 Mar 2011 10:24:06 -0700, Ranee at Arabian Knits

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Landon wrote:

First, I'll mention that I'm an agnostic. Secondly, that this is a
food site that many people who are religious to varying degrees also
share with those of us who are not.

To go out of your way to make fun of their beliefs is an action that
should be beneath those of us who are educated and mature.

I understand how the idiot "Sqwertz" would be one to do that, as he's
nothing more than a child who likes to poke at things to aggravate any
situation, but those of us who are not childish, rude and immature
people should know better than to attack religion in a food group.

To those who would be insulted by the blatant attempts of the few to
show disrespect to the many, please understand the level of maturity
of those who do so and remember that using your killfile on them in
return will lessen their audience.

Thank you for that, Landon. I wanted to e-mail you instead of
posting, but didn't know how to do that. So, thank you publicly.

I'm often amazed at the way people here go out of their way to be
rude and, sometimes, vicious, to religion and believers. I started a
thread about foods on Fat Tuesday, only to have people start in with
ridicule/insults/slander. On a group that already has a signal to noise
problem. On an on topic post. I don't get it. Maybe I miss it,
because I don't follow the threads on the Chinese New Year or Ramadan or
Eid or Passover, etc, as closely, but I don't see people going out of
their way (especially significant contributers to this group) to be rude
and insulting to people who celebrate those or follow those
religions/belief systems.

Ranee @ Arabian Knits

You're welcome, Ranee. Just for interest sake, I was raised to be
tolerant and respectful of all people and beliefs that are not
directly injurious to others. My parents had my siblings and I go to
quite a few different churches during our early years and told us we
could choose any belief we wished to, or none, as long as we were
honest in our beliefs. All of us turned out to be agnostics and
remained so for the last 45 years or so.

I strongly dislike bullies or people who take advantage of others when
they are helpless to stop an attack.

As you've no doubt noticed, I speak my mind freely...