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Default MAY 21, 2011: JUDGMENT DAY!!!!!!!!

On Mon, 28 Mar 2011 06:32:56 -0400, "jmcquown"

"Sqwertz" wrote in message
On Sun, 27 Mar 2011 21:22:35 -0400, jmcquown wrote:

"Dave Smith" wrote in message

(cross posting snipped)
I am just wondering why God needs to use a hotmail account.

That seriously made me laugh! I cracked up! It's a good question. It's
excellent question!

The OP was not claiming to be God any more than a clergyman who
routinely recites versus.

More appropriate is why does God want me to give him money every week?
What would he possibly spend it on?

Same questions George Carlin asked. God is all-seeing, all knowing, yada
yada yada ad infinitum... but apparently he sucks at handling money

First, I'll mention that I'm an agnostic. Secondly, that this is a
food site that many people who are religious to varying degrees also
share with those of us who are not.

To go out of your way to make fun of their beliefs is an action that
should be beneath those of us who are educated and mature.

I understand how the idiot "Sqwertz" would be one to do that, as he's
nothing more than a child who likes to poke at things to aggravate any
situation, but those of us who are not childish, rude and immature
people should know better than to attack religion in a food group.

To those who would be insulted by the blatant attempts of the few to
show disrespect to the many, please understand the level of maturity
of those who do so and remember that using your killfile on them in
return will lessen their audience.