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Default Boxed Cake Mix Better Than From Scratch ???

"Ranée at Arabian Knits" wrote in message
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"Julie Bove" wrote:

I used to buy the chocolate layer cakes. I too liked them for their
size. I don't eat cake but I would take them to work for parties and
things. We didn't have a lot of people in our office. If I were to bake
cake, it would be too much.

Can you not halve the recipe?

I don't bake cakes any more. Haven't for many years. I would suspect that
any cake I would have made from scratch would probably have had to have half
an egg in it if I halved the recipe. But most of my cakes were the boxed
mix and in those days the boxed mixes in the stores made two layers. Yes,
one could have halved it but it would have been a PITA I think. You'd have
to either weigh or measure the mix out.