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Default A Modest Proposal. [That has nothing to do with eating the Irish]

Usually when people
killfile me they usually make it a public lynching. Why did you
wait two years?

Because it wasn't important enough to make an announcement, and maybe I'm
smarter than most of your opponents who keep taking the bait. Why should I
'publically lynch' someone who is a harmless nitwit? I mentioned it this
time only because people seemed to think they had to read your posts. I
feel sorry for anyone who feels they have to publically lynch you, though.
Obviously they have too much time on their hands. But if it would make you
feel important to call you names (why is it trolls measure their importance
that way?), I will. I'm a Buddhist, and I like to make people happy as long
as doing so won't damage my own karma.

Actually, that was a joke. Not the Buddhist part- the part about
communicating with you.

I don't hide behind bogus email accounts like

many embarrassed New Yorkers who stiff the doorman at Christmas.

Good for you. I've been stalked on the internet and in real life, however.
I'd rather not end up giving my email address to my stalker. Is that ok by
you? Especially since I don't have a doorman.

Thanks for the hint, Derek. I will increase my filter level so I won't even
have to read people who answer this person.