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Cameron Lewis
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Default A Modest Proposal. [That has nothing to do with eating the Irish]

It is a shame that for the past few days the majority of posts have
been by Space Cowboy or provoked by him. He is clearly irrational and
increasingly irrelevant to the group. As far as I can tell he has few
if any sympathizers and it seems a waste of time to respond to his
drivel. Quite frankly, I don't know why he's here as most of his
posts simply attack others, and the rare on-topic posts are usually
riddled with factual errors.

My proposal: ignore him with the hopes that he'll go away (as he
clearly wishes the majority of posters would) or at least stop

Jim, why not start a group of your own? Make a moderated group where
you can be the little tin god you've always dreamed of; a place where
those nasty urls and "embedded" businessmen can't hurt you anymore.

Excluding the obvious member, this is a really excellent group of
people to whom I am greatly indebted, and from whom I expect I have a
great deal to learn.