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Suzy Marsden
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Default Tea n' Spice

Dear Christeana,

Thank you so much. Yes, I'm pretty sure it was the San Francisco Tea
Company's tea. That's why I remember it was from SF. I checked your
link, but didn't note the Tea n' Spice listed. I will contact them and see
if it's still available at their store. I live down in the South Bay so can
drive there if necessary. It was cinnamon flavored and fragranced, but I
think it also had some orange oil in it. The bulk tea was made from orange
pekoe. The instant tea was a light brown powder. I hope I can still get it
somewhere. Thanks to your suggestion, I finally have a lead!


"Christeana M" wrote in message

Of course, they never came right out and said it, but I believe that was

San Francisco Tea Company's signature fragrance I smelled.

You might try them at :

As I think the San Francisco Herb Company is one and the same.