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Suzy Marsden
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Default Tea n' Spice (I FOUND IT!)

Thank you to everyone. After a lot more searching all over the net,
emailing, and calling I have finally found a couple of sources for the tea
that I was looking for. It's name was actually: TN Spice, which was carried
at Cost Plus. TN Spice Company is in San Leandro CA and is part of a whole
family of companies: East India Tea and Coffee LTD, JBR Gourmet Foods Inc.,
Rogers Family Coffee, and SF Bay Coffee, and probably more. I'm not sure
which one is the parent company but they are all there at: 1933 Davis St.
San Leandro CA 94577 510 638-1300. They have no retail outlets for the tea
in CA at this time, although if you can get a store to call their sales rep
and order it, they will be happy to oblige. But they do have a web site:
(this is the order page for the instant tea) I just ordered 7 boxes (one
for a friend). If you place a minimum order of $25, shipping is free. It's

The other source for this tea online is via the Lake Superior Trading Post
in MN at:
By email with them through Eric I was able to find out the name of the
company who manufactures the tea and found out that they have filled several
orders from Californians who have been unable to find it here anymore. They
charge $4.50/box. Shipping is $6 for any order amount from their site.
They carry lots of things besides tea.

I spoke a long time with a rep at the SF Herb Co. He says there have been
lots of companies who carry a cinnamon orange tea. Most are flavored with a
synthetic cinnamon oil that came from Belgium (I think) or at least
somewhere in Europe, but it was explosive, and became difficult or even
illegal to import. In any case, there must still be numerous companies with
their own special blend of this flavored tea. I'm just so happy to have
found the one that I have always bought.

The site also carries it in the bulk tea form and plan
to carry some of their products on For those of you who are not
familiar with their instant tea---- it's a fine powder that dissolves
instantly in hot water, has no sugar, but seems sweet, and tastes like red
hots when you make it strong enough, which is how I like it. I have an
instant hot water dispenser. It is so convenient. Just a couple mounded
spoonfuls (years ago they enclosed a plastic tsp measuring spoon in each
bag which I use ) in a mug, then add the water and it doesn't even
need to be stirred! The bulk form tastes the same.

Anyway, I hope this helps if anyone was looking for this tea too!


"Tee King" wrote in message
On Mon, 09 Feb 2004 21:17:11 -0600, Stephen Cadwell
tripped the light fantastic, then quipped:

Suzy Marsden wrote:
For years I was able to purchase boxes of instant tea called Tea n'

Spice (I
think that was the name) at Cost Plus. It came in a brown cardboard

with black lettering and was made in San Francisco. It also came in

black tea form. The tea had a strong cinnamon flavor and smell. Cost

has not carried it for over a year now and doesn't know where or even

if it
is available anymore. I have searched everywhere online and so far,

to find it. Does anyone have a source for this tea? I'm down to my

few spoonfuls. Thanks.

Suzy Marsden

Market Spice Tea (with natural spices, flavored with cinnamon, orange
peel, and essential oils) isn't made in San Francisco, but originates
from the Pike Place Market in Seattle. It comes in brown cardboard
with black lettering...could this be what you seek? Here's a link:

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