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Michael Plant
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Default Como se dice "tea and sandwiches" auf Norsk?

Jarmo 2/10/04

On Mon, 09 Feb 2004 18:08:45 GMT, Michael Plant

The Balafon is a bit esoteric, but the tea is a "must drink". It's a
full-honey version of an oolong, originally developed to compete with the
newly successful Darjeeling teas of India at the time. Can I send you some?

Now that took me by surprise... Umm, I'll send you email about it, if
you don't mind (I assume the address above is real).

Yes, and got it. No problem.

By they way, I misread what you wrote earlier: I thought El Hadj Djeli
Sory Koyate was another one of those teas I've never heard of and you
were playing the Balafon. Oops.

Nope. But, it's a very cool idea. New Brooklyn Tea -- El Hadj Djeli Sory
Koyate -- available in tiny lots from old trees found in Prospect Park.
(Hey, I never said they were tea trees.)