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Michael Plant
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Default Como se dice "tea and sandwiches" auf Norsk?

Jarmo 2/9/04

snip snip snip

Forgot to mention: I'm drinking Bai Hao today paired to El Hadj Djeli Sory
Kouyate playing Mandinka Balafon. Can't go wrong, especially since it's a
rainy day.

Never had of either of those. But a bit of tea-trivia in case anyone's
interested: it's "tee" in Finnish. The pronunciation is (in this case)
very similar to German.


The Balafon is a bit esoteric, but the tea is a "must drink". It's a
full-honey version of an oolong, originally developed to compete with the
newly successful Darjeeling teas of India at the time. Can I send you some?