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Default tea and sandwiches?

"cc" wrote in message

Ti Kuan Ying Oolong teas (average quality, light brew, hot or cold) goes
well with about all sort of food. Except maybe smelly cheese, but I don't
think any tea would.

While not a big fan of Limburger-type stinkers, I am addicted to Stilton.
Have found it difficult to get the stuff here in the US - what's for sale
generally started as low-quality production, or (almost universally) has
been mis-handled and tastes awful.

I had the good fortunate recently to have a friend bring over a whole 18-lb
Cropwell Bishop Stilton. It's one of the top makers, and was absolutely
fabulous. I served it at several parties, gave away a bit, and ate most of
it myself (burrrp).

Although the texture falls apart, hard cheeses generally freeze OK. So I put
by a pound or so for emergencies. My first pu-erhs seemed to qualify, so I
pulled out a block and thawed it.

I can now report: really smelly $1.79 tuo-cha pu-erh and Stilton does NOT
work. The powers do not cancel, merge, blend gracefully or transform
magically into something else. It was awful!

But at least I tried.