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Michael Plant
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Default Eventually, It's All Pu-Erh

Mike 2/3/04

> OK Michael, quit teasing ;-)
> Tell us more about this 30 year old black, and the cool local shop. I
> am culture challenged in that my little town offers nothing beyond
> teabag peddlers. Hence my affinity for online sources... The nearest
> Chinatown is about 800 miles and the nearest Asian community is about
> 60 miles away but they offer little more that just an Asian market and
> teabag style puerh. Whenever I travel I always go out of my way to
> visit tea shops when I can. When I lived in Somerset MA I would go
> into Boston's Chinatown but never had a lot of luck finding the really
> good stuff.
> I would appreciate any local shop recommendations, particularly those
> that know about puerh, that RFDT readers could offer. Maybe I can work
> one of them in to my next vacation...

The teashop in question is called "Big Apple." It is in Manhattan, New York
City, on Howard Street one little block north of Canal Street, and between
Broadway and Lafayette Streets. It serves most tea rather professionally,
but friendily in gungfu style. Gaiwan service is also available. They carry
only two pu-erhs, one of which I'm referring to. When you come to NYC, we'll
take you on the grand teahouse tour. We have several of different styles,
well worth visiting. Big Apple Tea House is a Lew Perin find.

I have nothing but the owner's word that the pu-erh in question is actually
30 years old. But, the tea's behavior suggests that this is true.