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Michael Plant
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Default Eventually, It's All Pu-Erh (was: tea and sandwiches?)

Ole /2/04

BTW, I'm drinking Bamboo Fragrance Green Pu-erh. (Some might
say, "uncooked pu-erh.") Very very nice. From Silk Road Tea. There,
that's for relevance.

Did Pu-erh just once, and it was - eh - very special. Don't expect much
from the local teastore anyway. Later this month I'll start online shopping,
so perhaps I'll find something out there.

Yes, I think in the case of Pu-erh you especially want to get quality. I
recommend -- not that you asked me -- starting with a vendor you can talk
with -- by e-mail at least -- and discuss the specific qualities of the
teas. This afternoon I drank a thirty year old "cooked" pu-erh, which was a
wonderful tea. One of its special qualities was that in the first few
"steeps" it was earthy and bold. Around the fourth steep it started to
become sweeter and sweeter without losing the earthiness; more balance and
style came in later, in other words. BTW, this is a tea from a local
merchant who doesn't sell beyond her little shop and tea drinking place.
Pu-erhs of this quality are available from many places. Mike Petro, Livio,
and others can guide you to European vendors. Hope you find a good one for

I'm drinking Wu Dong Bai Yie Dan Cong this morning and I feel as though I've
been forged and reborn. I'm listening to Zaire popular music from 30 years
ago. This is, as many know and all should, the best music the world has yet
produced. It goes perfectly with Phoenix Oolongs of any stripe.