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Leif Thorvaldson
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Default tea and sandwiches?

"Ole Kvaal" > wrote in message
> Ole Kvaal wrote:
> > Michael Plant wrote:
> >> ....which reminds me of my Trondhjem story....
> >>

> >


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> > !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

> Sorry, I was too surprised to remember to say thanks for your reply :-)
> I didn't even imagine someone abroad (I suppose) would know the name
> Trondhjem for Trondheim. . . . . .
> --
> regards,
> ole k,
> trondheim

From Michael's story about the "unstolen" gear on the motorbike and his use
of "Trondhjem," it was apparent to me that Michael's experience was quite
some time in the past. Crime has come to Norway with a vengeance principally
from all the immigrants that have been allowed in the country. The
Norwegians are never satisfied with their language and have had about five
shifts in "approved" spellings and grammar. Ny Norsk (New Norwegian) is an
attempt to resurrect the earlier Norwegian language prior to the Danish and
Swedish influences. School children are expected to be accomplished in
both. Sort of like learning Spanglish or Ebonics along with a test in
English.Reminds me a bit about the French and their efforts to retain
linguistic purity!


Leif Thorvaldson
Eatonville, Washington, USA