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Default Tea in Toronto


There is a name from the past. I cant help you with Toronto. I know
some places here and SF. Your best bet is their Chinatown. Alot of
those places have websites mention if they do gongfu. There is always
some selling you something pretense even in Buddhist temples. With a
large party you will need reservations where they add gratis to the
bill. I know about virgins picking tea under the moonlight. I havent
heard about the golden scissors.


PS Ive come to enjoy gongfu pretense especially when the one local
tea master gets dressed up in robes. I did a post of my gongfu
experiences in SF on my last trip. I looked at the previous Toronto
gongfu posts here. I guess the only one still standing would be
TenRen which would be my last choice.

On Mar 1, 1:37 pm, biovirus > wrote:
> Dear all,
> Can anyone recommend a good gongfu place in Toronto?
> I am looking for a place to introduce a group of friends to the
> wonders of gongfu during a conference week.
> Good selection of wolongs, no "masters", no stupid stories about
> monkeys and virgins with golden scissors...
> Thanks,
> Alex (Sasha) Chaihorsky