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Originally Posted by caroline[_2_] View Post
Hi all

Hope you can help me. I've got a DeLonghi Combination Coffee/Espresso
machine, I've had it since August 09, and I'd say its probably been in
constant use since then, we *love* our coffee in this house! We mainly use
the filter coffee bit, and rarely use the cappuccino/espresso

Have noticed recently that its getting increasingly slow in filtering the
coffee and filling the jug, so I'm assuming it needs descaling, but I can't
find the instructions...and don't have broadband so downloading another set
is out of the question.

For my kettle and the water filter jug I just use a liquid product called
Furex, and that works brilliantly...but I don't know if that suitable for a
drip coffee maker, or even how I'd add it to the system....just throw it in
the cold water tank with some cold water or what?

So, folks how do you descale your drip coffee machines, and what products do
you use?
You need to be careful with espresso machines as their boiler materials more often than not contain aluminium in its alloys.
Aluminium corrodes very easily if the wrong type of de-scalers are used.
I use one by Jura ( a Swiss espresso machine manufacturer), designed for their machines.
I get mine from The Tea and Coffee Emporium, The Tea and Coffee Emporium offers you fast, courteous service from the UK
It is listed in their calaogue's accessories/spare parts secion.