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Default Hi Looking for a site to buy a nice 2 cup (12 oz) tea pot

If there is a Teavana close buy you might check it out. Whenever I go
into one there are doubled walled single and double cup pots. You
might have to buy the set that includes the cups. Most kitchenware
stores carry some size of Bodum. Id say any online store previously
mentioned here carries something like that. If you have access to
large Asian store then problem solved.


PS I recently picked up a 2200ml pyrex pot with infuser. I have no
idea what I will use it for.

On Feb 7, 3:03 pm, Shri > wrote:
> Hi
> Looking to buy this as a gift for my SO so want to get a nice one. I
> would have chosen one of the glass, transparent ones from special
> teas, but given its gone and Teavana primarily has larger ones,
> looking for some sites with good options.
> Thank You
> Shriram