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Default TN : 2000 claret, left or right bank.?

Solihull Fine Wine Society, February tasting, 2000 claret

My own tasting, after some months orthopaedic leave

All blind as usual.

First flight of two
1) Ch Corbin, St Emilion GCC
Good depth, no sign of age. A complex smoky cedar nose, superb soft entry
and then harsh tannins masking fruit, Some spice. Some thought "overcooked"

2)Moulin de La Lagune, Margaux.
Brick red and bright, medicinal nose with vanilla overtone, then cedar and
cassis, classic, Good balance, all in harmony, fruit and spice and tannin "
a point)

Second flight of two
3) Ch La Grave Figeac, St Emilion GCC, ( not a well known chateau)
Very pale, almost old bojo in colour, light in body as well. Cedar and
chocolate nose, bit restrained and reflected on palate, tannins but lacking
fruit...........drying out.

4) Ch Fombrauge St Emilion GCC,
a stuuner in the glass, viscous, a classic nose, perfumed spice and cedar,
magic. Reflected in palate, grip and balance, minty fruit and so long. My
2nd WOTN

Third flight of three. I put together the 2nd wines of the Leovilles.

5) Reserve Barton, St Julien
good depth, but a lacklustre nose of a bit of this and that. Classic claret
but boring. good entry, but fruit and tannins out of kilter. As if Barton
hadn't turned up for the game.

6)Pavilion Connetable Leo Poyferre. St Julien
Depth with hint of age bright. a wonderful complex nose, layers of leather
and old cupboards. A balanced mouthful, spice and fruit. Long, most evolved
of the flight.

7) Clos du Marquis. St Julien
Hint of purple, great depth. A wonderful nose of immature fine claret, hint
of mocha coffee. Echoed on palate, subdued, all in balance but too young,
yet drinking now. I have some left and will try again 2 years or longer.

Final flight of two
8) Ch Faugeres St Emilion GCC
Depth, a brooding wine, nose of mint chocs and forest floor. Organic. A
wonderful mouthful of sweet tannins, creamy fruit, so soft and long. My WOTN

9) Pagodes de Cos. St Estephe
Deepest with the Clos de Marquis. Huge extract, blackcurrants and leather,
big tannins, chewing wine. Drinking now or in next ten years, equal 2nd WOTN

Not a duff wine and didn't the right bank do well.

AND average price about GBP20, although I bought most in the mid noughties.