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Default Starbucks Korea Now Using Real Cups

"J. Clarke" > wrote
>> >
>> > Foam cups can be recycled also. The problem is, we don't. Most times
>> > they
>> > just go to the trash and, hopefully, to a trash to energy plant where
>> > they
>> > become fuel for a powerplant. Disposables are borderline compared to
>> > the
>> > energy of handling and washing a ceramic or glass cup.

>> Borderline? What about the bad things we need to be aware of with
>> plastics? Styrofoam is a plastic AFAIK.

> What bad things?
> The real question is whether they're allowed to recycle the cups.

Correct. The cups are not Styrofoam either. Styrofoam is a brand name for
Dow Chemical extruded insulating board. The cups are made from expandable
polystyrene bead and molded and are safe for food contact. It contains no
toxins. Polystyrene can also be extruded and thermoformed for meat trays,
takeout food containers and the like.