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Default Charlie Brown kicking, Lucy holding

A couple of evenings ago, I was walking in Flushing, which is the most
prosperous of New Yorks Chinatowns these days. My eye was caught by a
bright sign reading €śKung Fu Tea€ť, and my heart leaped: kung fu =
gongfu, after all. So I went in. It was one of those places where a
few different fast food businesses share a store. Not the most
auspicious sign, but still... It turned out Kung Fu Tea didnt quite
exist yet - its emergence from a chrysalis of blue tarpaulins was
expected soon. So I figured Id check out the place the next time I got
to the neighborhood.

This afternoon, it occurred to me to Google €śKung Fu Tea€ť. Well, its a
Bubble. Tea. Chain.

Lew Perin /