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Default Starbucks Korea Now Using Real Cups

"Andy" > wrote in message ...
> "jmcquown" > wrote:
>> Thank Bast there isn't a Starbuck's here! I finally broke down and
>> bought a cup when I was moving. I've never tasted such bad coffee.
>> Who cares if you can bring your own mug? It tastes like they burned
>> the beans. It's just gawd awful. I like my coffee black and strong
>> but definitely not like the crap they're selling for $5 a cup.

> Jill,
> I'm not a fan of Starbucks either.
> I don't see real ceramic mugs as a customer benefit. Paper cups are
> conveniently disposable and sanitary (if you don't use your own mug).
> Unlike "bottomless" cups of coffee like at many restaurants/diners,
> Starbucks is very stingy about their serving sizes for the price.
> Whether or not South Korea feels that real mugs are a luxury treatment,
> I doubt it would succeed here in America.
> For three or four surrounding towns here, thankfully we've only let one
> Starbucks open.
> In NYC, somewhere, there are two Starbucks directly across the street
> from each other.
> Now they're also called "Seattle's Best" coffee. Thay spoiled their
> image AND name.
> Best,
> Andy

When I was taking classes I'd go to McDonald's (yes, I went to McD's) for
coffee. It was an endless cup of coffee for 50 cents. Wonderful coffee.
No lattes, no fancy barista foamed creations. Just coffee. It's the kind I
make at home. Coffee