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Default Starbucks Korea Now Using Real Cups

On Jan 20, 8:05*pm, "Ed Pawlowski" > wrote:
> ?"ImStillMags" > wrote in message

> > I applaud their efforts. * *Unfortunately here in the US I suspect
> > that the vast majority of cups are takeout so they will still use
> > paper. * *However, they do use recycled paper and the cups can be
> > recycled as well.

> Foam cups can be recycled also. *The problem is, we don't. *Most times they
> just go to the trash and, hopefully, to a trash to energy plant where they
> become fuel for a powerplant. * *Disposables are borderline compared to the
> energy of handling and washing a ceramic or glass cup. *My choice though, is
> a real ceramic mug.

Foamed plastics are no longer accepted for recycling where I live,
even though they have great big recyclable symbols molded into them. I
used to wash all the meat trays -- I still hate to throw them away now.