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Default January Lunch Notes

January lunch notes

Ca del Bosco Franciacorta (nv) – light yellow colour, lemony nose,
citrus also on palate, clean, light and with a creamy feel. Very good.

2002 Soucherie Clos des Perrieres Savennieres – at the beginning, a
distinctly Riesling nose, but that changed reasonably quickly to
lusher fruit. On palate, tropical fruit, maybe a little mango, dry
wine with good clean acidity. Liked this one a lot.

1982 Jadot Hospices de Beaune Cuvee Nicolas-Rolin – browning with a
little poopy mocha happening in the nose, and some spice, soft, decent
length. Wouldn’t have given this a hope of being this good if you’d
asked me before it was opened.

1999 Malvira Roero Mombeltramo – this Nebbiolo wine showed an
interesting nose of slightly dusty sweet fruit with slight hints of
mint and cocoa, finished very dry and a tad short, but enjoyable.

2001 Frescobaldi Mormoreto – a slightly perplexing dark cabernet based
wine that showed a big sweet nose with cedar hints, sweet entry,
smooth and balanced with good but not assertive acidity.

2004 Dom. Serene Evenstad Reserve Pinot Noir – slightly musty sweet
nose, sweet in the mouth, over oaked, simple but pleasant enough. Not
like other Serenes I’ve tasted.

2000 Mastroberardino Taurasi Radici – good cabernet sort of nose with
some spiciness (odd, given that this is all Aglianico…), perhaps a tad
lean in the middle with medium body, structure on the spare side with
some good flavours and good acidity. I recall this being a little more
generous in previous tastings, so maybe just this bottle?

1993 Seghessio Barolo La Villa – I must agree with others that said
that they would never have figured this for Barolo. Browning edges, a
fruit based nose with some licorice that took awhile to clean itself
up, medium body, good acid balance, tannins resolved, very decent

1987 Quady Starboard Frank’s Vineyard – this California Port ringer
had a really ripe nose of dates and dried oranges (and orange peel),
brown edges, and was so sweet I was starting to wonder if it could be
a PX.