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Default REVIEW: Trader Joe's Tuna in Green Curry and Tuna in Red Panang Curry

Mark Thorson wrote:

These are new products in pouches shelved next to the
canned fish. They are quite cheap, at only $1.49 each.
However, I wouldn't have bought them had I checked how
much sodium they have, about 1500 mg which is more than
half what an adult should have in a day.

I prepared them over rice, and only ate partial portions
because I watch my sodium. They both contain a generous
portion of yellowfin tuna, and it's pretty good when you
consider it comes from a pouch.

The green curry was good, but the sauce is somewhat watery.
The red curry is a spicy, creamy sauce with plenty of
coconut milk. It is outstanding. Wonderful product.

If it weren't for the high sodium content, I'd buy the
red curry often. If you don't worry about sodium, these
products are great values.

On another topic, I've been thinking I've been limiting
myself too much by buying only their California olive oils.
This time, I bought their only Italian (Sicilian, actually)
olive oil. I just tried it a few minutes ago, and I was
not impressed.

Yes, that's not a particularly good one. What you might want
to try is their so-called "President's Reserve" Italian EVOO
which is a mix of Sicilian and Puglian oil. It's better than
80% of the pricey oils and has a high enough smoke point you
can sautee with it. It's also pretty inexpensive.

Thanks for the tuna report.