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Default Guilty of DWI (Drinking-coffee While Indian)

On 11/28/2010 10:42 PM, Julie Bove wrote:
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On Nov 19, 5:59 pm, wrote:
Dear Howard,

i remember a night while living on queene ann hill when a car came
down the dead end street we lived on, turned around and dumped a woman
on the street in the snow. i went down and with help from my wife we
hauled this woman up to our house. her clothes were all gone and she
was drunk, which didn't matter to me, i thought any real human needing
help should get it, if she had been white i might have just called a
cop to haul her away, but she wasn't so we took care of her for a few
days, the wife giving her some clothes, i then took her back to the
res to her home. she had been taken advantage of by those who dumped
her and had bruises all over, her crime of getting dumped was being a
native, pure and simple, the guys who dumped her were white. typical
of many folks to hurt natives in seattle back then. the year was 1962.

That could be. I am part Cherokee. We lived in Wichita and my grandma
begged me not to tell anyone for fear of what people would do to us or our
house. We moved to Edmonds in 1966. I could not believe how accepting
people were here.

Wow, what an amazing story. Good for you and good job!

Curt Nelson