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Thumbs up Healthier life comes from a small knife

Ceramic knife:Healthier, Delicate,Anti-bacteria anti-fouling, Sharp,folding...

Features:Special Materials: Using high-tech Zirconia crafted, high-density, high hardness, never wear, hardness (HRA87) is close to diamond, and abrasion performance is 60 times better than metal knife;

Healthier: Lead free, non-toxic, acid resistance, alkali resistance, never rust, health and environmental friendly; keep food color, flavor, enjoy the flavor, do not have any reaction to food, real healthy products!

Excellent Performance: cut meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and others clearly; the knife is hard to breed bacteria because of its material, anti-bacteriaanti-fouling, easy to clean.

Elegant Appearance: Appearance as jade-like soft moist, fine texture, adding to the enjoyment of the noble.

Convenient: It is a folding knife, which is quite convenient to take away. The folding design can also protect the ceramic blade perfectly .