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Default Recipe - Seems the season for apple cakes/MacGourmet

On 27/10/2010 16:28, Melba's Jammin' wrote:
:-) I copied/pasted it from MacGourmet, a Mac-only recipe
management program. I don't know what kind of quotes the
software uses.
I don't like the way it displays fractions, either (in the program).
I still don't like it as much as I liked MasterCook for Mac.

How odd! I'm using a Mac, too, so I'd have expected it to show up
correctly. Wonder if it's Thunderbird/people's newsreaders doing it.
*ponders* Oh well, one of those things. At least it wasn't 9
(squared) eggs or cups of milk, I guess.

On another note... How do you like MacGourmet in and of itself (not as a
comparison)? It's one of those programs I'd really, ideally, like to
try before I buy, because I've got a fair idea that - if I really wanted
to - I could make my own recipe database for Mac (I did a half-a*sed one
for PC, but then I got a different laptop and never finished it). I do
have a copy of FileMaker Pro 7 (old, but it's the one that will let you
export both standalone Mac and .exe formatted DBs), but I don't play
with it much. I like Access or MySQL better. Hmm. That said, maybe I
could do a MySQL one.... I've already got a heavily modified version of
CookDojo on my web site and a recent refresher course for MySQL under my

Whoops... sorry, all those lightbulbs going off. heh

Anyway, just curious.