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Peter Muto
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Default 1989 Bordeaux

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Have you tasted the 89 Haut Brion recently? This is the only 89 1'st
growth that I bought. Early on, many thought it was one of the best Haut
Brions of recent years.

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I had the 1989 Haut-Brion last year, and in a night of other fabulous
Bordeaux's (including a number of other 89's) it standing out.
It's nowhere near ready though.
Depending on your tastes I probably wouldn't even try opening a bottle
for another 5 years and possibly even wait 10 years.
(I'm of the school 'if you think the wine might be ready to drink, you
should open it'. I'd rather 'accidentally' drink a wine too young than
too old.