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Default TV's "Country Kitchen" on PBS - barbecued beef ribs

On 10/9/2010 14:03, Kent wrote:
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>> On today's PBS program "Cook's Country" they grilled beef ribs in an
>> unusual fashion. I've always felt the steam flavor comes most from the
>> early smoking. Steaming initially?

> My error: I've always felt that the smoke flavor mostly comes from early
> cooking. There ain't no "steam flavor". Most don't steam, though I suppose
> one could say a bullet smoker
> with simmering water is doing the same thing at a low temp.

I don't see the point of steaming the ribs for two hours before smoking
them. If you're going to go to the trouble of smoking them for one and a
half to two hours anyway, just barbecue them in a smoker from the get go.

I like a lot of ATK's advice, but the rest of it seems off the wall