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Default Roasted Cauliflower

On Oct 5, 7:32*am, (Betsy) wrote:
Get a whole head of Cauliflower..trim off the green hard leaves and
Take the whole cauliflower and slice it down like a loaf of bread making
slices of the cauliflower..not too thick...then get a flat baking
sheet.. put some olive oil all over the sheet pan.. and put your sliced
pieces of Cauliflower on it.. sprinkle with salt and pepper and some
Italian seasoning and garlic and then parmesean cheese and a few Italian
seasoned bread crumbs.. Then put that sheet pan in the oven for about 30
minutes and roast it just until the cauliflower is fork tender and
roasted and all caramalized and then take it out and Enjoy..

Or, you can skip the seasonings (except for S&P), chop it up, and
treat it like the bulgur in tabouli--lemon juice, parsley, onion,
maybe a little mint, maybe a little more olive oil.

There's a Syrian deli here that sometimes serves it that way.

Cindy Hamilton