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Steph Peters
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Default Yeast for breadmaker

(Matthew) of wrote:
[I am in the UK]
I have recently purchased a (cheap!) breadmaker, and have made my
first two loaves.

The recipe book specifies 1/2 tsp of yeast to 450 grams flour, while
the yeast I purchased, Hovis Fast Action (six sachets for an
extortionate 89p) says one sachet (7 grams - about 2 tsp) for 750
grams of flour. I decided to follow the yeast and put in most of a

Unfortunately the dough rose much too much. The result was reasonably
tasty, but definitely too much yeast.

So for my second loaf I decided to follow the recipe book strictly,
and put in 1/2 tsp of yeast.

This one rose hardly at all.

Go on the hunt for big packs of Fermipan yeast. Eighth Day in Manchester, a
local wholefood shop, sells them, 500g for about 2. Bought a pack in
March, gave half to a friend, and I'm still using the other half from the
freezer. Initially I used 1/2 tsp for 400g of white flour, 1 tsp for
granary or wholemeal; as the yeast is now rather elderly I've upped that by

What flour are you using? To get bread right you need appropriate
proportions of flour, water and yeast. Flours do vary - one brand of white
will need more yeast than another brand. Your lack of rising could be from
other causes - too little water, or I've managed to produce brick like
results by trying to put fresh garlic in.
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