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Default chuck eye roast vs minute roast?

Ellen K. wrote:

: : Yes, I am using kosher meat.
: : On kosher chicken I usually use salt substitute with the other spices,
: but
: : for chicken soup I put salt. I haven't made brisket in many years but
: I'm
: : pretty sure I used to use just a tiny bit, to help the onions soak in.
: You must have a pretty high salt taste. I no longer avoid it, but was
: told to be off salt some 25 years ago and cooked low sodium fo many years
: unil I found that it didn't spike my weight as I did not retain water when
: I ate salt. I still cook rather low salt, as that has become my taste. I
: do et pickles and olives, etc a flavor accent, but do not saalt my kosher
: meat, including stews. i do salt soups now as they are much better that
: way. I often use the parev "chicken" soup powdr in place of salt(never
: in addition to it), as I regard it as a flavored salt.
: Wendy

: That pareve chicken soup powder IS salt, with some trans fat and a couple of
: parsley flakes added. But I can't deny that it really tastes good in some
: dishes. g but serious

: I don't really have such a high salt taste. I rinse all my meat and poultry
: pretty well before starting to prepare it, probably that removes some of the
: salt from the kashering.

When I was on the low sodium diet, I would soak the chicken in cold water
in teh fridge overnight, changing the water a few time. This got much of
the salt out of the chicken. It is deep inside so rinsing doesn't get to
it. I no longer have to do this, just a bit of a rinse while cleaning and
trimming the bird or its parts, add no salt. I thin my taste buds have
permanently changed:-)