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Default Ellen's breakfast vis--vis morning readings

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It needs CARBS to turn it off in the morning?

Yes, the mechanism is to turn off the release of glucose from the
liver, by having just the right amount of carbs coming in from the

Today instead of my usual romaine lettuce, I tried a whole raw green
pepper with my cheese, i.e. about 5 gm net carbs instead of 2. Here
my numbers:
5:58 98 This is shortly after getting up, and incidentally my lowest
so far.
6:33 104 Right before breakfast. Finished the food at 7:08.
7:53 137 45 minutes after finishing the food, missed testing at what
now think is my peak of 35 minutes because I was in the middle of
something for work.
8:18 133 70 minutes
After this didn't test again till 11:08, four hours after the food,
which was 104.

So while 137 is under the magic 140, it's still 33 points up from
pre-breakfast value, and was probably not even the peak, although
considering that the next 25 minutes resulted in a reduction of only
points, maybe the peak wasn't much higher than the 137.

Any thoughts?

My only thought is that cheese and a green pepper should not spike
you like that. My suggestion is that you may need professional

I don't think the food spiked me, I think the dawn phenomenon just
keeps going up.

Then try 1/2 slice of rye bread or equivalent carbs in rye crackers
plus the fat/protein and see what happens.

Just want to be sure I understand what you're suggesting, add
approximately 10 g grain-based carbs to the green veggie & cheese?

Yep. Although 1/2 a slice of the rye breads I get would be about 7-8 gr
net carb. So that would be about 10gr including the pepper.

Here you can get snack rye at some stores. I used to buy that. I think
the little slices had like 4g per.

Oh, yes, I know which one you mean. I forget the brand, but they are even
kosher! Very hard to eat just one though, I think 1/4 of a matzo
will be a better bet.