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Default article on gout, wine beer and spirits

I have several friends with the condition, we all share hypertension, so I
been concerned about developing it. Perhaps as mostly a wine drinker
I will be spared. (Although I did have a guinness or three with me fish and

As someone who has suffered with severe gouty arthritis for years, I can
chime in on this one. I have been to specialists at the Mayo Clinic, The
Cleveland Clinic, Ohio State Medical School and Duke University Medical School.
All of them describe a very complex bio-chemical reaction that eventually
involves the formation of uric acid crystals. They all urged me to stop
drinking alcohol in any form due to it's dehyrading effects which causes a
spike in serum uric acid levels. I've been gout free for about three years
even though I still continue to consume wine on a daily basis and still have an
occasional beer, or cocktail. I limit my intake of foods high in purines and
take 300mg of Allopurinol every day and it works.