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Mathew Kagis
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Default Carbonic Maceration

Thought I'd start a new thread to get non Stanely Cup fans into the fray.
In breif, Mark L. stated that he was'nt aware of Auzzie shiraz or blended
wines using CM. In return I stated that I thought Rosemount was doing it
with some of their products & Yellow Tail was deeply into it. Can anyone
confirm or deny these speculations?
Also, I noticed a (in my opinion, deeply disturbing) trend in the
California producers to use partial CM in many of their products. This came
to light @ this year's Vancouver Playhouse Wine Festival. Several Nappa &
Sonoma producers were showing Cabs & Merlots with what they called 'partial
whole berry fermentation' ... are they afraid of the CM lable? I understand
that this makes their wines softer, more aproachable young, consumer
freindly etc... But, when I spend reasonable to large money on a California
Cab ... I want TANNIN baby!!! Rip my face off & make me cellar you for
years, pucker power Tannins!!! Any opinions?

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