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Default Are we eating more meat than ever?

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I am watching an interesting show on PBS about sustainable foods. This
woman is in Alaska and she eats a lot of wild game and salmon. She
visited an Alaskan vegetarian place and had dinner with them.

When she got back home, she said that we are now eating more meat than
ever. And if we were to trap or hunt all of our own meat like she did, we
would soon run out of animals to kill.

Of course we don't do this. Yes, some people do, but I think they are in
the minority. I don't know too many people around here who do that at
all. SIL said her dad used to kill deer right out in their yard in
Edmonds. Not too many deer left now and not sure it is even legal to
kill them now. We did see a deer on our street once. Angela thought it
was a giraffe. *Snicker* Okay she was much younger then.

Fishing is quite popular here though and clamming used to be. We've had
a lot of red tides so not sure that can be done any more. I used to do
it all the time as a child. I loved digging them up. But we never ate
them. Gave them to the neighbors. Also catching crabs is a big thing
here. Not sure about lobsters...whether we have them or not.

Anyway... Collecting old cookbooks is a hobby of mine. I also like
reading old books about diet and nutrition. Was looking at an
interesting one today about healthy eating. Until I realized it wasn't
as old as it looked. Was put out in 1981 and was low sodium and low fat.
Ick. I put it back.

But it seems to me in the past that they ate seasonally, mainly because
they had no choice. Yes, some wealthy people might have had imported
food, but most did not.

I think they ate meat mostly in the winter months when little else was
available. They would have things like potatoes, cabbages, carrots,
turnips and other root vegetables. But not much in the way of fresh
greens. Apples would probably keep through the winter, but most other
fruits would not unless they were canned or dried. And certainly they
dried and canned some vegetables.

But did they eat much meat in the spring and summer? I'm thinking not.
I've read stories of the farm life and often they had beans for lunch and
sometimes more beans for dinner. These were supplemented with fresh
vegetables from the garden as they became available.

Yes, chicken was eaten but often it was just for the Sunday supper,
perhaps with the leftovers being used in something like chicken and
dumplings or a pot pie.

I've also read stories about hog butchering so I know many families ate
pork products.

And I've read stories about people eating spring lamb.

Yes, I see recipes for beef and all sorts of wild game in the old
cookbooks. But just how often were these foods eaten? I wonder. I'm not
inferring anything one way or the other. Just curious.

Obviously this person doesn't know about the over abundance of Deer in
Florida . The natural predators have been taken away but the deer kept
breeding , that caused death due to starvation...because there wasn't
enough land to support the appetites of this many deer. Most game hunting
requires a permit to kill. The Game and Fish People keep tight control on
what can or cannot be hunted , and when it can be hunted...and they do
watch people. We had a neighbor in Alaska that shot a deer...elk...moose
(I don't remember) from a dirt road...out neighbor was in the back of the
truck when he shot his gun...the Warden was right there within 15
minutes...while they were gutting the game. The kill was taken from him
and he had to go to court and pay a Large Fine. Even in Alaska you have to
have a permit ..... I don't think there is a shortage of Moose ..we saw
them all the time everywhere

I didn't know about deer in Florida either. She was reporting from Alaska.

When we lived in Montana my Dad would go Elk or Deer hunting ...and have
it butchered and wrapped for the freezer. We ate Deer and elk often. We
would all go fishing and eat trout. When we moved to AZ he would hunt deer
and Quail(No shortage of quail here)
It doesn't bother me when people hunt to supplement there food
supply....but just to hunt for the sport of it or for the antlers or head,
doesn't agree with me much

I don't think I ever age any game meat.