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Default Okay All You Meat Grinding Folks... what to grind first?

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jmcquown wrote:
I think the guys at the grocery store finally got fed up with my
selecting meat and asking them to grind it for me. So I broke down
and bought an electric meat grinder. It's mfg by Sky Enterprises USA
and is a 2.6HP 2000W grinder (with all the attachments, including
those for stuffing sausage casings).

I still have to move things around in my storage area off the kitchen
to make room for it. I think I can relegate the fondue pot and the
Interbake3 pizelle/sandwich/waffle iron to the closet in the spare
room. LOL
Now I'm wondering what I should start off with. Ground beef using
chuck roast and/or brisket? Sausage?

Making meat loaf is the best learning experience... it's most
forgiving... burgers is the most difficult because it's only one

lol Nice one Shel'!
Peace! Om

I believe he was completely serious. Meat loaf isn't something I make very
often. And to grind my own "meat loaf mix" (beef, pork and veal) would
surely cost more than the effort is worth.


Sorry, I was laughing at his comment that ground beef only contains one
ingredient. :-)

Once you try home ground fresh ground beef, you will never go back.
Peace! Om

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