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Default Okay All You Meat Grinding Folks... what to grind first?

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"jmcquown" wrote:

As far as andouille, if you can't find pecan, can you find sugar cane
scrap, leftovers from sugar processing? I understand that's a popular
"wood" for smoking andouille.


Alas, they don't grow sugar cane here so I have no idea where I'd find that.
I'm not planning on making andouille, at any rate. I don't have a smoker
and it's a smoked sausage. (And no, OM, I'm not buying a smoker!)
Andouille is a lovely sausage but I may have found a local source for
purchasing it already made


Hey, it's all good! I don't always use my smoker to smoke. G
It can double as a grill...

Or a wood fueled oven!
Peace! Om

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