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Default Okay All You Meat Grinding Folks... what to grind first?

jmcquown wrote:
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I think the guys at the grocery store finally got fed up with my
selecting meat and asking them to grind it for me. So I broke
and bought an electric meat grinder. It's mfg by Sky
Enterprises USA
and is a 2.6HP 2000W grinder (with all the attachments,
those for stuffing sausage casings).

I still have to move things around in my storage area off the
to make room for it. I think I can relegate the fondue pot and
Interbake3 pizelle/sandwich/waffle iron to the closet in the
room. LOL
Now I'm wondering what I should start off with. Ground beef
chuck roast and/or brisket? Sausage?

Making meat loaf is the best learning experience... it's most
forgiving... burgers is the most difficult because it's only one

lol Nice one Shel'!
Peace! Om

I believe he was completely serious. Meat loaf isn't something I
make very
often. And to grind my own "meat loaf mix" (beef, pork and veal)
surely cost more than the effort is worth.

I never blend different meats, I much prefer all beef for meat loaf...
you can prepare meatballs too. The learning curve increases with the
more different ingredients you grind... for meat loaf all the veggies
are ground too, even the crumbs.

Okay, and that makes sense. I, too, prefer all beef for meat loaf.
But so many folks yak about "meat loaf mix". Frankly I'd rather
have some nice pork chops and a couple of good veal chops than to
grind pork and veal together just for meat loaf.


You do know veal *is* beef, right?

Calves, asshole. Why don't you get a ****ing life?!


No need to be a bitch just because your life sucks. It's still beef.