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Default Okay All You Meat Grinding Folks... what to grind first?

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What say you? Ground beef, sausage... what to start with?

Ground beef for the practice. JMO.

Barb, Mother Superior, HOSSSPoJ

Thanks, Barb, I thought as much. There's lots of chatter here about
what cut of beef to use. I think starting off with a (fatty) chuck
roast, preferably purchased on sale Some folks mention brisket, but
I've never seen a plain brisket that wasn't *huge*. I'd have the
freezer space, sure, but I'm not sure how easily I can find find beef
suet to supplement the fat content.

Oh, and I know I'm not going to grind ribeye steaks. I'd rather just
have the steak


A "packer cut" brisket has plenty of fat, you don't need to add any
suet. I sometimes trim a little of the fat off to make lean ground beef.


Now all she needs is a smoker. :-)
Mine is a horizontal offset.
Peace! Om

LOL You know, I've never understood the way some houses (and most
apartments I've lived in) are designed the way they are. The only place I
could put a smoker is on the back patio, which is hell and gone from the
kitchen. I *hate* carrying food from the through the living room to get to
the patio. (Oh, and the carpet is white, so no accidental food spills,
please!) It just doesn't make a lot of sense.

I can wheel my trusty Weber kettle from the garage onto the driveway and
back in again. But a smoker is a different animal and I'm not talking about
a huge barrel smoker, either. I think I can live without a smoker I can
"smoke" ribs on the Weber kettle. They aren't truly smoked, of course, but
they do get nice smoky taste from added (soaked) hickory chips.