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Default 700 Degree Roast Chicken (kinda long...)

Giusi wrote:

It turned out wonderfully juicy with a pretty crispy and perfectly
browned skin. I've found with a rotisserie you're never going to get a
perfectly crispy skin

I rotisserie chicken all the time in a dedicated rotisserie, not a
grill. I set it at max and let her rip. I always get a very crisp

It just seems that when using the rotisserie
on my Weber there's a ton of fat that renders off the bird and it never
totally goes away before the internal temperature says it's done.

Maybe you should crank back on the heat for the last minutes? I always
thought my crisp skin was because of the high temps, not in spite of...

I think it ought to be the other way around: cook at the lower temperature
until the grease renders out, then crank the heat up to crisp the skin and
finish cooking. It bears a passing similarity to the technique of cooking a
beef roast at a low temperature until nearly done, then using a blowtorch on
it to finish.