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Default frozen pizza dough

"sf" wrote in message
On Sun, 18 Jul 2010 14:37:47 -0500, George Leppla

Back in the "long ago" when I was going to college, I would buy 10
loaves of frozen bread dough for $1 at the bread outlet store. The
local market sold small cans of tomato sauce for 10 to 15 cents each...
and this was in Wisconsin, so the local cheese places had mozzarella
cheap. It was possible to put together a cheese pizza for less than $1.

Sometimes that bread dough got defrosted and turned into pretzels.
Funny how creative you can be when you are broke.

Sounds like you ate well, George. Necessity is the mother of

Indeed I don't mind frozen bread dough at all. I have some in the
freezer; I make it a couple of times a year. I have frozen roll dough, too.

I went through a phase where I baked my own bread, using my grandmother's
recipe and some other recipes. (All the recipes have been posted here in
years past.) The breads and rolls turned out great! But they were a lot
more work than I want to deal with most of the time. So when I do feel like
"fresh" bread, the raw frozen bread dough, raw frozen dinner rolls, raw
frozen biscuits... they work for me

Jill --- never been a "baker"