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Default Nori Nori-Buffet worth Crawling in/Crawling out for

Nori Nori is one of the high end sushi buffet places located in Sandy Springs. It’s very popular among both Asians as well as non-Asians, lunch time or dinner time. Quoting my friends, it’s a perfect for gathering, celebration and break up, because you can enjoy the place your way ! If you’d like to do people watching, sit close to the buffet table… and if you’d like to have some quiet conversation, get a table in the corner and you can definitely enjoy good privacy while enjoying great food/service.

Well, imagine this is your first time to Nori Nori and you are looking through the website just for some idea about what to expect, I am sure you will be mouth watering after a few clics. And I will say the majority of the claims they make on the website , are exactly what you can experience in person.

When you come to Nori Nori, It’s simply party for your eyes and mouth. It’s a good selection of rolls, sushi, sashimi, and you can ask for Uni( sea urchin ), on a lucky day;

I am a big fan of raw food, and I can’t have enough of their huge/fresh oysters, tastes super tender , rich and creamy, juicy! Of course, the snow crab+ shrimp cocktail are equally as good.

Talking about cooked food, you have Udon noodle, grilled beef short ribs, steaks, tenderloin, shrimp, and chicken wings; over 40 kinds of salad and dishes- most of them are served in a bigger than usual entrée size plate and plated nicely, so you somehow feel every dish is made just for you with a happy share size, rather than being mass-produced. You are getting entrée style food rather than buffet quality! How nice is that!

The dissert are really cute and delicious as well … more than 20 of them, made in Asian style rather than American style, so they are not too sweet at all! I am a big fan of their green tea ice cream and get at least 2 bowls of them every time I come.

Nori Nori does offer fun celebrations if you come for birthday and my friend got the “treat”- waitresses come with cake, put a Japanese umbrella on top of you , and sing birthday song while clapping . How lovely! The best part is, all of these could be FREE! As long as you are a member card holder for Nori Nori, you enjoy a free meal in you birthday month~ check their site for more details.

Anyways, Nori Nori, is a top-notch place to spoil yourself, good price for value ( even though a little costly about 20 for lunch/30 for dinner including tax), the only complaint I might have is… every time I come , I suffer from having too much food . I might starve myself since lunch time so I can barely ” crawl in” and then by the time I am done, I can barely “crawl out”- I claim this “professionalism” and “commitment” when it comes to having buffet . However, this is the pain worth having in life, once in a while . Have fun in Nori Nori.


6690 Roswell Road, Sandy Springs, GA 30328-3161 (404) 257-1288‎