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"J Derby" wrote in message
Dimitri wrote:
A $10 California cabernet is quite an adventure indeed. Without

anything about the wine I would shy away from any California cab less
than $30.

Pavane wrote:
Totally correct. I would not consider drinking any wine that
is not a First Growth Paulliac costing at least US$125.

I think Dimitri's contention is that $10 CA Cab ia quite a gamble
unless you know what you're doing, not that there is no such thing as
a good one. It has been my experience that $10 Cabs can be a harsh as
$15 Bordeauxs can be weak. If any of you have recommendations for
inexpensive ($9-$13USD) CA wines of *any* varietal, I have a notepad
right in front of me, and (as a school teacher) gobs of cash!

Of course, almost any wine is a gamble of sorts. In the ten dollar Cab
range I would look at the Gallo of Sonoma, Frei Vineyards and the
new Louis Martini releases, all by Gallo; Bogle, Hess Select, BV Napa,
Rodney Strong, Niebaum-Coppola Claret and Guenoc North Coast, all
of which can be found at or under $15 in Florida. Be careful of years as
this is the least of the fruit (ie, avoid 1998 and 2000 except for the
Guenoc) and see what you think. Probably the N-C and Hess are the
best of the lot, with the Frei and other Gallo wines awfully close (they
made an amazing 1997 Indigo Hills Cab which sold everywhere for
about $8.00) and as opposed to Dimitri's snarky comment on
inexpensive wines I believe that you will find some good drinkability
at school teacher prices. Just do yourself two favors: 1. Do not
expect Great Wine, look for easy enjoyment, and 2. Remember
that there are some really disappointingly dreadful $30. CalCabs.