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J Derby
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Dimitri wrote:
A $10 California cabernet is quite an adventure indeed. Without knowing
anything about the wine I would shy away from any California cab less
than $30.

Pavane wrote:
Totally correct. I would not consider drinking any wine that
is not a First Growth Paulliac costing at least US$125.

I think Dimitri's contention is that $10 CA Cab ia quite a gamble
unless you know what you're doing, not that there is no such thing as
a good one. It has been my experience that $10 Cabs can be a harsh as
$15 Bordeauxs can be weak. If any of you have recommendations for
inexpensive ($9-$13USD) CA wines of *any* varietal, I have a notepad
right in front of me, and (as a school teacher) gobs of cash!